Hi I'm Kasey  

I'm a  Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher &  forever student. 

  • I'm a Secondary Teacher (PE & Health) and taught for 3 years,
    this is what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  • I'm a creature of routine & habit.

  • A massive self-love advocate.

  • I have a innate ability to connect with strangers.

  • I am intrigued by people, but equally require as much time on my own.

  • I love my morning cuppa. From the taste, to the smell, to the cafe experience and paper cup (it's also my favourite meditation of the day!).

  • I'm easily excited.

  • I have little use of my right arm from an injury. It challenges me, but it is this that has lead me here.

  • ... and I guess... a stereotypical green-juice loving Yogi.

How 'Eunoia' met 'Kasey'

You noi what?     

Eunoia pronounced YOU |NOI | AH . 
In it’s definition ' A well mind, beautiful thinking ',  is a word in tune to the beat I walk, and purpose in life, simply to be happy. To be good at just that, and assist those I encounter to forget whatever it is that deters them from this mindset (even if it's just for a few moments of their day).     

Why the name?    

Ordering a coffee just two days into unemployment, with a sudden unusable teaching degree and in a neck brace while waiting for a physio session to begin, I found myself flicking through a natural medicine journal.  Opening to a page that had the word 'eunoia' on it, unable to pronounce it and wondering what the word meant, I googled it, saw the meaning and knew that one day this would be the name of my business. I registered the domain. And 3 years later here we are.     

How did I get here?    

Unlike most of my Gen Y counterparts, one of my well-known traits, is my disinterest and lack of awareness with money. This is not an ideal trait at times, my careless nature can also be a real headache ... with countless parking fines stacked to my name, my car missing it's side mirror and my hair in need of some serious TLC ... But, I just don't see the hype. 

Sure I like nice things, holidays and good food... but I've learnt my 'happy' comes with less.

Don't be quick to judge or underestimate, I had the well paid desk job, only to realise I'd never been so unhappy (unwell) and lost in my life.

As an overachiever and perfectionist with a type A personality, I spent much of my late teens and early adulthood as a people pleaser, forever 'busy', over committed, doing things out of a place of fear and didn't know how to say 'no' - my corporate career a perfect example of this. 

Unable to teach due to injury (read more about this here), I moved to an education based office job. My career on paper was successful, the team phenomenal and work challenging and interesting, which was great for my driven nature and work ethic, but it was not one bit in line with who I was as a person (as much as I desperately wanted it to be). 

Feeling a constant unease in my stomach and desire to be in an environment where my role was to educate and support others, I left the security of this lifestyle four years ago to work at my local wellness practice, which is where I found my passion, studied meditation and developed Eunoia.    

It's also where I most feel like 'me' and at my utmost happiest. What / where makes you feel like this?

Why meditation?    

We spend so much of our time rushing, stuck in peak traffic, being a support for friends and family, scrolling through social media (I can almost here your guilty gulp from here) that we rarely take a moment to tune in, to see what we actually want. To see what really makes our heart happy.

It's wonderful to be a good friend, student, sister, wife, mum or employee ... but too often we forget to be a good owner of that beautiful soul and body we live in. It's only when you get to know yourself, love yourself and understand the paired back version of you, that we can really (and I mean reallllly) embody all of our roles to our very best. Welcome, meditation. 

We're engulfed and constantly fed with a life that society depicts as ultimate 'happiness'. The 6pack, holiday tan, designer handbag, expensive gym gear... Need we continue. There's no doubt it might look appealing aesthetically, but is it really going to make you happy in your heart when you put down the phone? (if it does, great! You've found your truth and my work here is done). 

Having progressed from an adolescent female myself, to working as a teacher in schools with young girls, through the corporate world and a wellness practice with women ... the verdicts out, women (of all ages) are stressed and anxious but most of all, confused.     

Confused as to who they are, who they are meant to be and who they want to be.  I spent much of my early adulthood trapped in this angst and confusion. Confusion with who I was, and who society told me I should be (get a high paying job, a 6 pack and a tan right?).  


It was only when forced to slow down through injury (which came with a loss of my teaching career and the feelings that accompanied) that I enrolled in my first meditation class 8 years ago (read more about this here), which thankfully now is a huge part of who I am. 

Meditation helped me to manage my injuries and health and allowed me to discover what makes my heart sing. Meditation gave me the confidence to embrace career change and embark on further study and helped me to discover my own truth: To use my strength (connection) and skill set (teaching) to help and inspire those I encounter to live from a place a of love and truth in everything that they do.   

This amongst many other wonderful things.  

See what it does for you... 

Kasey x