Trust in the Process

I vividly remember sitting at my desk in 2014 working in natural health, whist studying to become a mindfulness practitioner and reading the words by Elsie De Wolfe:" ... I’m going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life ... " 

This Is Me

"...Finish the sentence This Is me……" happy and free, as me...
An article written by Kasey for the Jasmine Alexa 'This is Me' campaign.

Acceptance is a beautiful thing.
It eases suffering and changes the nature of our experience. Read more... 



She Let Go

No one noticed a thing.
Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go.
There was no effort.
There was no struggle.
It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad.




Beautiful Beings - Interview

What do you love about yourself? 

I love the way I am able to make others feel. I have always been able to make people laugh and feel at ease in my company, and quickly. Without trying. I love my heart and my spirit within, and I like that at times it’s a little bit different.



Podcast - The mindset Project

The importance of slowing down, being mindful & improving lifestyle

How slowing down the mind can dramatically improve results and lifestyle. Once upon a time the word meditation may have had you running for the hills, however in my conversation with Kasey, she destigmatises the perception of what's involved with meditation and mindfulness.



Sunshine After the Rain

Others are always going to be watching, wondering, comparing and judging.
Forget them. Forget the ego, the agendas the worries and just do it.

Whatever 'it' is! 

There is so much time, energy and space given to the questioning, worrying and evaluations  and so little for ‘the doing’.

Judgement free.
Do it because you want to and because it feels good and feels like you. 


Coffee Meditation

. . .The question often posed: How can one easily integrate a meditation practice into their already busy and overscheduled life? 

Chances are if you are victim to busy person, syndrome you probably enjoy a cup of coffee as soon as you wake up. 

From my experience, that morning coffee is the perfect place to start developing your mediation practice. 

Here are three reasons  why you should start meditating after your morning cuppa. . . 


I believe in….

I am in every way, an intuitive person.

 In that; I must be connected with what I’m writing. I must be present in how I work. I must say what I feel. Enjoy what I do.I must like where I am. I must be harmonious with where it is that I’m going. And must be in company that lights me up.

 Or I can not be. . .


A Summer body is made in Winter...

. . .That first bite of crisp morning air on the skin and smell of leaves and freshness has 'really' arrived now.

The changed season invites and celebrates being cozy at home (without the guilt of the sunshine beckoning outside). 

It also presents new beginnings. A chance to leave summer behind, refocus, start or change hobbies and an opportunity to simply indulge in more 'you' time. 

Yet, I often feel I stand alone in this excitement. . .



Benefits of 'Group Meditation'

Meditation balances the inner world of thought and feeling and the outer world of people and objects.

Meditation practices' vary immensely. Some help to uplift feelings and emotions, some teach us how to relax the body and breathe and others calm agitated thoughts. Some can teach us to work through painful emotions, and some simply empower us to function more effectively.

When we're learning to meditate, doing so in a group can be so beneficial, here's why . . .


Why We Find It So Hard to Stay Present

. . We have 660,000 thoughts a day. What  someone 250 years ago had in a lifetime; it’s no wonder we find it hard to be present. There’s no 'time' to be present. Or is there?  

Time is a human concept. Something we created. The watch on your wrist, the clock ticking on the wall, mean nothing to Mother Nature. '...To her, this is one evolving moment – a perpetual cycle of interdependent impermanence,' Alfred James.

Time is just a metric used as a reference point for organising our lives and history. So what then is the present moment and how to we get more time there? . . 



. . . We all know someone that fits this description, I was one of 'them' for the most part of my adult life to-date. The 'I'm busy being, busy' girl. We all have a friend or someone in our life that is engulfed with the notion of 'busy'.  

Unfortunately, it's not just these individuals, it's our society as a collective. We've become obsessed with 'busy'.  How often do you ask someone, 'how are you?' only to be met with the energy zapper response of 'oh, busy!' How often (and nod with me if you've been the sender) of a text to reschedule because 'we're just too busy'. . 


Why Do I Meditate?

A teacher without a voice is as practical as a builder without a hammer. This is the position I found myself in 5 years ago, just 3 years into my career as a Physical Education teacher, a career I was passionate about and enjoyed, and a career that I excelled in and actually thought would one day see me into retirement . . .