Eunoia Meditation isn't religious meditation.
It's not hard, it's not about the breath or a mantra.
Rather an opportunity to stop, close your eyes, reset and let yourself shine through.   
Let yourself go, and just see where you end up...  
But I’ve never meditated before.
— Don't worry. We're all beginners. The present moment doesn't have a memory.


45 min Relaxation

An opportunity to put everything aside (including the weekend!) to stop, reset and refocus.  Whether you require some ‘zen’  after the weekend, time to recharge & reconnect or looking to be inspired by like minded souls - these classes offer a relaxed and safe space to simply stop, listen and give yourself a little bit of TLC!

7 pm
45 min relaxation

For those who feel stress during their work week, looking for a better night sleep or simply enjoy a place to offload on the way home that's not the gym, these classes are for you.  Taking 45 min for you, you will be rewarded with mental clarity, relaxation assisting you to float into the remainder of your week. 

Just bring your beautiful self with your heart & mind open. 

Choose a mat.
Close down your eyes . . . I'll do the rest!