Friday, April 15th, 2016 

...I believe in….

Living a life of least resistance.

I've been attempting to write an article this week on the benefits of meditation for adolescents.

I would have come and gone from my desk 25 times while writing this. 

 Making soup, making stock for the soup, making tea, playing with the dog and just a moment ago - wiping down the bench… when I realised, what I already know so well, but often forgotten in the logic and 'shoulds' of business and life -  that I am in every way, an intuitive person.

In that;

I must be connected with what I’m writing. 

I must be present in how I work. 

I must say what I feel. 

Enjoy what I do.

I must like where I am. 

I must be harmonious with where it is that I’m going. 

And must be in company that lights me up. 

Or I can not be. 

I was so frustrated yesterday with this particular article that I gave up and accepted a meeting invitation. 
Confused with my lack of creativity in my writing and work.

It wasn’t through lack of will;
I really wanted to share this piece within the schools section of my site.
Nor was it through lack of interest; 
I had been in contact with schools and principals all week.

It took until taking a step back (breaking my routine going to this meeting), that I realised at times;
 I must disconnect, in order to reconnect - with myself and others. 

It later hit me, that with the school holiday break, I have not been within school walls or with students for 2 weeks.
Despite having 6 school groups booked in this week, due to the holiday period I had not been within school walls or with students for 2 weeks.

I had been giving so much force to what I thought I should write - and not what wanted to be written. 

This applies to life in all it’s forms.

When we appreciate what is, rather than what should be, we allow ourselves to have a full, true experience.
And in doing so, we also allow ourselves to live a life of least resistance.
Sourcing inspiration from within, rather than from others, or in my case writing what I feel, and not what I think ‘should’ or what others ‘might' like. 

Leaving my desk and taking this approach, I was unaware that I'd allowed myself to, just be. 

Like an orb, open to anything and in a free form of expression - the meeting just flowed and my creativity came back with it. 
Open discussion about entrepreneurship, creativity and life in general - I felt extremely excited and open to everything.

I know very little about Ayurvedic medicine, but this particular friend I met with is a naturopath and recently, through lots of research and hard work has developed a balancing chai (Soul Chai). 

She gave me one suited to me.
I came straight home and brewed it, no questions asked.
I felt so ridiculously called to make it, drink it, and read about it that all my work went by the way-side. 

I loved everything about it!
From opening and brewing the tea, to reading about it while I waited (and of course drinking it!) - again blissfully unaware, every piece of my creativity was flooding back in. 

Just like in formal meditation practice, by giving my attention to something and allowing it to focus and just be;
I was able to relax the body and calm the mind. 

And returned to this seat. 
To write this. 

I am not going to edit this post.
For those of you that have kept reading, if any, I wanted to leave this in it's rawest form to highlight the need and importance of balance in life, in my life.

 It is essential to my happiness, and for me to - just - be me.
Living my life in this way, a life free of resistance assists me to do this. 

I do what I do for a living (teaching meditation - encouraging women and young people to tap in, listen and live from a place of love and truth always) because I love it, because I feel it's what I was put here to do - and - because it balances me.

 I feel so strongly that when we live in this way, we really are the best versions of us. 

What makes you feel like this? What balances you? 
Maybe it’s easier to think about what unbalances you? 

Of course we all feel out of balance at times - BUT - listening to ourselves and following our heart with no judgement always - we are able to reconnect and thereby rebalance.

And if drinking a tea from a lovely friend is what it takes for me this week - then I’m all for it. 

Have a beautiful weekend and you know that thing you just thought of that balances you?
Go and take time to do it.
Reconnect with yourself.