Sunshine After the Rain 

Yesterday I typed the words: ‘we are all equal, and all are welcome’ onto a sign up sheet for a new class. 

When creating marketing material I often go in search of something fitting with my brand and business, something I think or hope others will relate to… even something on trend with the online world. Then as the indecisive libran that I am; I’ll proof read it, print preview, print hard copy AND ONLY THEN, will I put it out for the eyes of the world to see.

But not yesterday.

These words were typed, emailed, printed and blue-tacked-up in the teaching space within just a few minutes. 
And that is how I feel about life atm; we are all equal, and all are welcome. 
Along with the manner in which they were care-freely produced and stuck on the wall

It’s also the manner in which this post just happened. 
A gentle reminder for me, and for you. 
To get out there and do it.

Do life.
Others are always going to be watching, wondering, comparing and judging.
Forget them.
Forget the ego, the agendas the worries and just do it. Whatever it is.  there is so much time, energy and space given to the questioning, worrying and evaluations  and so little for ‘the doing’.
Judgement free.
Do it because you want to and because it feels good and feels like you. 

80%* of the thoughts we have are repetitious and /or negative.

So much wasted time (…and energy for that matter!).  

I recently took a short wonderful (refreshing & recharging) week away with my partner.
Upon return, I picked up a delightful ear infection and spent 10 days out of the game.
10 days!
When you run your own business that’s like 10 years!!! 

The winter blues. Post holiday depression. Hibernation. Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Call it what you wish, it’s a real thing for some of us. And for me, it happens every year about this time (I am wired no different to you, just because I teach meditation I’m not immune to having
 down days... especially in winter).

I try to catch myself first though, or in this case 'embrace’ it.
Telling my girlfriends I was welcoming an ear infection had them in giggles.
 I received some unusual 'are you ok' looks, but for me 'embracing' it poses a chance to stop, reconnect, reconfigure and go again.

Having spent 18 months in the construction of Eunoia and 9 months working hard within the practical teaching component, I was forced to slow down. 
Forced to listen, tune in and I have allowed myself a continued (judgement free) refuel in the form of a much ‘quieter month’ upon returning back to my desk.

Snotty, flat and lacking creative flare for teaching and writing …after 10 days cooped inside I caught myself 'self-doubting'.
Something I make my absolute mission in life to inspire people to overcome!
'This is too hard, I can’t write, there’s so much to do ...' all of it came flooding in for a couple of days and set up camp on my desk!  Being sick is hard enough, but when you don’t have sick leave and an income dependent on getting out in the community and performing (or even a coworker to lean on) was confronting. 

You’ve heard it here before, I am a very firm believer that everything happens for a reason… whatever it be! 

 I know that when I am stressed, unsure or disconnected, I get sick. It tends to happen once a year, usually in winter. 
Forced time to stop, reconnect, go within and just like the sunshine after the rain, reemerge; always with new energy, perspective excitement and a real fire in the belly.

And it’s with this that I share a fresh face of classes.
Like the first breath of spring, flowers still a bud, they are ready to blossum as the rest of the year unfolds. 

While my work in schools and corporate continues,  classes for the general public (aka my beautiful little meditation community) will continue as Pop-Up Classes for the coming weeks at Domain Health, Prahran. Before Domain Health settle into it’s new rebranded home ‘Sum of us’ studio (just down the road) with multiple weekday classes on offer (insert squeal of excitement!!)  

So if you feel you are ready to reemerge from the winter, refocus, and gain clarity or if you’re just looking for a space to find calm and stillness in your busy week and be connect with the energy of like minded others you can reserve your mat for Pop up Classes here. 

Like the warmth of the sun, feel guided supported and ready to handle whatever comes your way! 

Kasey xx
PS How AMAZING is this photo I took one morning on the way toward the Byron Bay lighthouse! ! ! 

PS How AMAZING is this photo I took one morning on the way toward the Byron Bay lighthouse! ! !