A Summer body is made in Winter...also applies to the mind. 

Oh my goodness, how I LOVE this season!

I had written a post about meditation & sleep (but that can wait!)

Let's talk Autumn. 
That first bite of crisp morning air on the skin and smell of leaves and freshness has 'really' arrived now.
Along with it, the luxury of family time at Easter, footy season, soup and everything that accompanies the chilly months - it all excites me!

Perhaps being a trackie-loving-tea-addicted homebody, the changed season invites and celebrates being cozy at home (without the guilt of the sunshine beckoning outside). 

It also presents new beginnings. 
A chance to leave summer behind, refocus, start or change hobbies and an opportunity to simply indulge in more 'you' time. 

 Photo taken on Holidays in Autumn in NYC, 2015. 

 Photo taken on Holidays in Autumn in NYC, 2015. 

Yet, I often feel I stand alone in this excitement.

As a collective, we seem to rejoice in the arrival of Summer, with less embrace for winding the clocks forward toward winter.

I get it, we can't go for evening walks and swim at the beach, but it's not all doom and gloom.
We might lack Vitamin D from the warmth of the sun, but we can top up our serotonin stores, release endorphins and stay happy within the 'warm hug' from the walls of our homes and within ourselves.  

A time to reconnect and recharge.

The winter season is a time associated with nature slowing down.
 It is a wonderful time, to strategise change and new directions. This is because the mind can ease into a broader and cooler objective band and simultaneously go deeper into the self.

 In Chinese Medicine, the winter season is a cycle of continued falling energy and rest. It is a time of deeper introspection and staying in touch with your core self and a time of great creativity.
 A time of deep discovery and conservation of your physical energy, but also spiritual energy. 

The winter cycle we might feel, is simply our body-mind-spirit’s restart button.
Just like animals will hibernate, we naturally flow into that part of our mind, as we prepare to “reboot” into the new spring ahead.

If you lack energy during this month, that’s ok. There’s no need to push yourself to go out socialising or running like you might have throughout summer. Knowing that it is your body and minds natural pattern to want to slow and seek comfort, will assist you to go gently and flow into the wave of winter.

Because winter is a cycle of declining energy, you cannot push the pedal to the metal and trap yourself in a pattern of do, do, do all day long. Consider ways to refresh your energy throughout the day. And just be.

Maybe turn your morning or evening jog to lunchtime, or a walk. 
Perhaps choose a gentler form of exercise like Yoga or Pilates, even try a Meditation.

The cozy room in South Melbourne that I first learnt to meditate in Autumn, 2010. 

The cozy room in South Melbourne that I first learnt to meditate in Autumn, 2010. 

I find I am more inclined to increase my own 'personal' meditation practice with the cooler months in fact, it was the beginning of Autumn and throughout winter that I was drawn to meditation in 2010.

This isn't a marketing 'sign up for meditation for winter' ploy (although of course you're welcome)...
Simply a message that it's ok to be at home. To be in your trackies on a saturday night.
Permission to hibernate and connect with yourself.  

In saying that, if you find yourself starting to feel the 'winter blues' or like you need a kick of 'happiness', you don't need to travel north following the sunshine. Know that just like exercise meditation is a wonderful way to release endorphines, the 'feel good' hormone. 

Allow yourself to re-balance and thereby refresh.

That saying that a summer body is made in winter, also applies to the mind.  
Go gently.