Why We Find It So Hard to Stay Present

We have 60,000* thoughts a day!

A DAY!!!!!!
Which is what someone 250 years ago had in a lifetime;
it’s no wonder we find it hard to be present. 
There’s no 'time' to be present. 

Or is there?  
Time is a human concept. Something we created. 
The watch on your wrist, the clock ticking on the wall, mean nothing to Mother Nature. 
'To her, this is one evolving moment – a perpetual cycle of interdependent impermanence, 'Alfred James.' 
Time is just a metric used as a reference point for organising our lives and history.

So what then is the present moment and how to we get more time there?

It’s in fact easier to explain living in the present by explaining what it is to not be present, since this is what we’re so used to. 
When we are not present, we are simply a victim of time.
Our mind is taken to either the past (memory, the day that was, what could have been, what happened) or the future (planning dinner, thinking about the weekend, worrying about tomorrow, what could be) or both.
We can’t feel the past, or the future.
But we can feel the present. What it feels like to touch something right now, to smell or see something, to hear something.
Time stops us enjoying this presence. 

Image taken while in Greenwich Village, NYC Nov 2015. 

Image taken while in Greenwich Village, NYC Nov 2015. 

Today being present feels so foreign. 
How often are we worried about tomorrow, that we don’t enjoy today?
How often do you enjoy your work? Or are you too busy thinking about getting it finished to give yourself a chance to enjoy it?
Are you distracted by thoughts of Monday morning that you spoil the time spent with your loved one/s on the weekend?

We are constantly torn between the now and a place that doesn’t actually exist.
If we allow ourselves to be a victim of time, '...a victim of the past and a slave to a future that is yet to unravel...' it's any wonder we become stressed, agitated or uneasy. 

Make ‘time’ to be present. 
Feel your feet in your shoes. Notice your thoughts when you wake in the morning, rather than starting your to do lists. 
Notice the smell, taste, sound of that first coffee in the morning. 
Surrender to what is right now.
Wherever you are, be there, completely.
Life will take care of the rest.