92 120 hours

We spend a 1/3 of their lives at work.

60 000*

Thoughts a day. 
 The most valuable asset of the employee is their mind;
Housing creativity, productivity, performance & happiness.

Work related stress and health concerns are increasing;
Paralelle to the pressure and demand of the fast paced society we inhabit.

Initiating a practice of mindfulness into the workplace not only supports and enhances the individual,
but the culture within.
When we learn to bring mindfulness to our tasks and work day, the benefits are uncapped.

Meditation & Mindfulness at Work (MMW) is designed:

As a preemptive & proactive program to enhance mental health & wellbeing

To equip employees with the skills to better manage stress & build resilience.

To encourage workplace happiness & culture.

To provide oppurtinity to relax, refresh & recharge to give clarity, focus & energy to accomplish tasks. 

  Achieved through the vehicle of Mindfulness & Meditation.

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